Summer 2015 Fashion Trends/Styles: Nautical

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Have you been able to visit the beach this summer? Have you at least gone to the pool for a swim lately? Well, today’s fashion style is inspired directly by the ocean! Maritime has inspired designers and culture to take an increasing interest in the sea. Designers are taking inspiration from maritime, and incorporating it into their apparel. Yes, this fashion style is the nautical style. Sailor stripes are so simplistic, yet so popular. They give your outfit the extra ‘oomph’ it needs, all the while keeping it looking clean and simple:

Simple Nautical Fashion

Not only is nautical fashion expressed in casual attire, it is also expressed in more sophisticated attire:

Nautical stripes are the perfect style for the summer. Who can say no to a striped, summery tee in this hot weather?

Another popular style of attire that have been influenced by maritime are the high-waisted shorts. 

Nautical fashion is on store racks all across America, and it’s available through many different styles, may it be jewelry, tees, shorts, dresses, swimwearetc. If you want to express your love for maritime, showing your sea stripes is the way to go. 

Taylor Swift

Its chic, simplistic look is one fashion trend that you MUST try this season.

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