Winter 2016 Fashion Trends/Styles: The 70’s

Hey there!

Say hello to 2K16! The past year went by so quickly. I’m going to be writing the date as ‘2015’ for a while before I get used to writing ‘2016’!

Anyway, today’s trend was it’s own unique trend from a unique time in history, being revived in unique ways. It is the style of clothes our moms and grandmothers wore. We fashionistas were overcome with nostalgia for the trends of this era.

It is the 70’s trend.

For historical insight, the 1970’s were a HUGE time for the fashion industry. Designers were making clothes with fun, flamboyant, and colorful designs. Jumpsuits and rompers were high fashion. Suede was super sexy. Platform shoes were a big hit, and so were skinny jeans. (Sometimes it’s quite ironic that some fashions change entirely. Just a decade before [in the 1960’s], bell-bottoms were a big hit. By the mid-1970’s, practically everyone owned a pair of skinny jeans. And by the end of 1979, bright colors were rid of because duller, more earthy colors came into the fashion scene. Huh!)

Sound familiar? That’s because the trends of the 70’s have been adopted once more!

Now is the time to don your most fashionable jumpsuit [extra points if it’s suede], your highest pair of platform heels, and bring out the 70’s chick inside of you!



Stay fashionable,


Stay tuned for updates on fashion advice, stories, trends, and more!

Links on super 70’s fashion history and looks, as well as style tips and tricks!


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