about the fashionista.

Hey there!

My name is Zoë Valdez. I’m a homeschooled, high school student with aspiring dreams of being a Print/Runway Model, or a Fashion Event Coordinator. I live in Boerne, Texas, with my two dachshunds, Ben and Jerry, and my Green Cheeked Conure, Kiwi. My FAVORITE band is My Chemical Romance, hands down. On occasion I’ll listen to electronica, dubstep being my preferred sub-genre under electronica. My musical style is a mix of rock/metal/dubstep. My fashion style is a mashup of hipster, rock chick, street style. Quite the statement.

I have given many speeches on Environmental Conservation. I studied marine biology for two years, {general} biology for 4 years, and ornithology for 4 years. I developed much experience in biology and ornithology and planned on becoming an ornithologist.

But one year ago, something happened.

I began talking to many individuals who were biologists and ornithologists themselves. They all shared the same things with me, all of which were not too pleasing to hear, as I was planning on becoming an ornithologist. They all told me two things in common:

  • Well, you better have another part-time job because this one isn’t going to pay much. Plus, you’ll need lots of money to travel.

  • I hope you like school, because if you want to be a professor, you’ll have to go to college for 10 years.

I was trapped. I gained so much experience in Biology and Ornithology that would be extremely useful in a career in one of those fields. But if I continued this path, I would ultimately not enjoy it. So then I was left with a choice. If I stayed on this career path, I would be doing things I would not be enjoying and would lose more and more interest in it. But if I veered off this path and delved into a new career, my experience and skill in biology would be wasted.

What’s a girl to do?

A decision had to be made. Either choice would change my life, but I had to choose one. What would it be? Inevitably, I chose to leave the career I gained so much experience on, and would delve into an entirely new career; one that I had completely thought out and that I knew I would wholeheartedly enjoy.

(The reason I keep emphasizing the part about ‘enjoying’ my career is because it’s plain logic. If you don’t enjoy your career, you’re going to end up hating it. If you hate your job, your attitude will change. [not in a good way] If your attitude changes, it could turn into depression. When depression engulfs your life, you could take it. It sounds like “worst case scenario”, but it could seriously happen.)

 So I went to the library, and checked out books on the two industries I was most interested in: Film and Fashion. I read through over 300 careers. A career in the fashion industry interested me the most. I explored careers in the fashion industry which I thought I would be most interested in pursuing. I stumbled upon Print/Runway Model. I had thought previously about being a print model and the career really interested me. So I did more research on the career; I read about supermodels and how they got into the industry, what their experience was like, and what strengthened them and challenged them. One model that really struck me as inspiring was Victoria’s Secret Angel,

Behati Prinsloo.

Her story was really inspiring to me and encouraged me to pursue a career in fashion. Here’s a quick overview of how she came to be a supermodel: When she was 16, she was vacationing with her grandparents in Cape Town, South Africa. While there, she ran into Storm Model Management founder Sarah Doukas. After meeting Sarah, she joined Storm Model Management and her modeling career begun. She has modeled for many prestigious companies {such as H&M, Chanel, Victoria’s Secret, etc.) In 2009, she was made a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and is now modeling as the face of VS sub-brand, Pink. Behati’s entire career sparked upon the meeting of prestigious Storm Model Management founder Sarah Doukas during a vacation at age 16. She is currently 26. When she met Sarah Doukas, the same question I answered arose in her life: “What’s a girl to do?” She chose a completely different path than the one she had planned on pursuing – which was marine biology, by the way – and created much more opportunity on her new path.  Behati’s story is so inspiring to me. It really opened my eyes and showed me that I should try something I would have never thought I’d express an interest. I don’t even know if there is such a thing, but since I read her story and learned about her experience in the industry, she’s pretty much become my “career epitome“. She married one of my favorite singers too! You can read more about my “career epitome“, Behati Prinsloo, here.

I will be sharing my personal experiences of working at fashion settings, such as fashion shows, trunk shows, interviews, and modeling venues, and most recently, a store, so stay tuned.

So that’s me. The nature hipster with a fashion career in flight. I hope you are inspired by my story and my blog. Please share “almostfamousandperfectlyfab” with your fashion lovers and friends; don’t forget to follow the blog before you go!

One last message before you continue to explore the rest of my blog:

Don’t fight with fashion.


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